Logistics North Queensland operates a multi level logistics business from Townsville and Cairns. We manage distribution, warehousing and other diversified interests. We service from Cairns, Townsville, Mackay to Rockhampton. Our business currently engages over 30 employees, 10 contractors and a number of service partners in regional areas.

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Logistics North Queensland has the resources and commitment to work with you in developing a business model that can benefit both parties. Our ambition is to provide a full logistics and transport solution for the customer that will allow you the time to grow your business with the confidence that all products will be picked, packed and delivered on time. It will also give your company the advantage of being “local” without all the fixed costs associated. We will provide you with a complete package.

Logistics North Queensland would also offer you the benefits of “staffing up” during your peak periods to ensure every order is dispatched on the day it is received. To manage this we would utilise staff from our other sections to assist. We have on site a systems manager who ensures strict compliance to training and procedural matters.

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The company this year will have total revenues in excess of $5 million and the majority of this revenue is from major corporate accounts. Some of these accounts are listed for your review:

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The main business principal has been to work with our clients to tailor a service that meets their requirements rather than the client trying to fit a model that suits only our business. Our best results have come from true partnership arrangements where both parties are working to supply the best possible service in the most efficient operation. As an example, our association with DHL Logistics started as a holding of 80 pallets in a small section of our current premises and has now expanded into purpose built solution, a storage facility holding in excess of 560 pallets and supply of their transport requirements in country Queensland. This gives an overnight by road service ex Townsville as far south as Rockhampton, west to Mt Isa and north to Cairns for their warehouse clients. This relationship was built over 48 months and is based on a true partnership arrangement.

DHL - Logistics Partner
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Our management team ensures that all sections of our business are well maintained and operated in a manner which enhances our service to the customers. This team has an expansive experience base and is cross trained in all facets of our business to ensure we have no service gaps.

The current business has: