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Store, Pick, Pack & Dispatch (SPPD)

Logistics North Queensland can provide a "Store, Pick, Pack & Dispatch" (SPPD) solution designed specifically for your business. We have over 12,000m2 of land, 6,000m2 of concrete hardstand and 4,200m2 of warehouse and storage area. The site is covered by CCTV, back to base alarms and full perimeter fencing.

Regardless of origin or final destination, Logistics North Queensland complete SPPD service can help you streamline your supply chain. The SPPD service offers access to an endless supply of storage facilities including rack and block stacking, together with a full pick and pack operation.

On-time delivery is a key component of order fulfilment; not only must the order be accurate, shipped with proper packaging and labelling, and arrive undamaged, it must meet the Customer's delivery requirements. The Logistics North Queensland fulfilment process involves systemic communication between teams to ensure that system accurately reflects the Customer's delivery requirements. Order fulfilment activities are strategically planned each day with respect to the Customer's requested delivery date and time.